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How Do I Custom Forward My School Phone Calls?

How to Custom Forward Using Your School Phone:

Press the Options key, followed by your password and then #.

On the phone display, highlight Call Handling and then press the Edit soft key. A "soft key" appears as an option on the phone display.

Select the Custom call handling mode and press the Edit soft key.

It will display the current call forwarding destination. Use the Back soft key to erase the current destination. Enter the desired number (See note below) and press the OK soft key. 

Press the OK soft key again to exit the system.

Note: The system will not save with a blank forwarding number, so you may enter another internal four-digit extension. For an outside number, enter 9 followed by the area code and number. 


For more assistance, please email or call extension 2584. For more information on managing your Voice Mail, see the Voice Mail Quick Reference Card.


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