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How Do I Connect My Device to the TV in the Library Conference Room?

To turn on the TV:

Use the black “Sharp” remote that is stored in the compartment in the west end of the conference table, 

  • Press “TV”
  • Press “Power”


To connect an Apple device (Laptop, iPhone, or iPad) wirelessly via AirPlay using the Apple TV:

First, use the black "Sharp" remote:

  • Press “Input”
  • Use the Up/Down arrows to Choose “Apple TV” and press “Enter” (center button)

Turn on the Apple TV if necessary, using the small silver Apple remote (press any button to turn it on)

  • Once you see the Apple TV displayed on the screen, (make sure your device is connected to WiFi) use the AirPlay controls on your device to choose “Library Conf”.
  • You will be presented with a dialog box on your device asking for a 4 digit code. You should see the four digit code appear on the TV screen.  Enter the code on your device and after a few seconds, you should see your device up on the TV screen.


To connect a laptop computer via HDMI cable:

Use the black "Sharp" remote:

  • Press “Input”
  • Use the Up/Down arrows to Choose “Table” and press “Enter” (center button)


Plug the HDMI cable from the compartment in the West end of the conference table into your laptop. (There is an HDMI to Mini-Display Port adapter if you need it - some computers have an HDMI port built-in.)

You should now see your laptop displayed on the TV screen.

If you are having problems or need additional help, call the Tech Department at ext. 2584.

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