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How Do I Close My Haiku Class, and Create A New One?

Q: How do I close my class at the end of the term and create a new one for the next term?

A: At the end of the term you should make your class inactive and copy any class content that you wish to reuse to a new class. If you just want to reuse your course and not save an archive of a particular year, follow the steps in the article What's the Fastest Way to Reset My Haiku Course?

Make your Class Inactive

Once you are finished teaching a class you should make the class inactive. Doing this will prevent students from accessing the class, but all of the class data will still be available to you. To do this choose Make Inactive from the Manage Class menu.

As the teacher, you can access your inactive class by clicking on the Inactive tab on your My Classes screen. You can also reactivate a class at any time.

Copy Class Content

If you will be using the same course content again, you can copy it by choosing Save As from the Manage Class Menu. 


This will give you the option to save the course content as a New Class or as a Template.


If you only need one copy of the class you can choose the New Class option, but if you might want to use this content, again and again, choose the Template option. Then, use the checkboxes to determine what data you are copying. On the next screen, you can give your New Class or Template a Class Name, and customize the URL.


Your current roster and student data will not be copied, so your class will be ready for a fresh start.

Data Retention

You never need to worry about your Haiku classes automatically being deleted. Even with a free account, you can have unlimited inactive classes as long as you stay within your available storage. For Organizational users, like Menlo School, your Domain Administrator does have the ability to delete your courses if they wish, but they will have to do so manually.

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