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How Do I Log In to my MenloID Single Sign-On for the First Time?

In order to access some systems or gain access to certain areas of the Menlo School Website, you need to log in to your MenloID Single Sign-On. The first time you sign on, you will be required to change your password. To do this, take the following steps.

Go to


Enter your username which is usually* the first initial of your first name plus your last name e.g., aperson for Albert Person. Do not include your entire email address. 

(*If there already is a user with your last name on campus, then try the first two or three letters of your first name plus your last name. e.g. anperson, or annperson for Annette Person)

If you are on a private computer, you can click on Remember me.

Click Login.

Click on click here to change your password.


Enter your old password and then enter a new password. Enter the new one again and click Save New Password.

Enter your username and new password and then click Login

You have successfully logged in to your MenloID for the first time. After you have logged in successfully, you may click on links for either Menlo School's website or MyMenlo.


If you have further questions, or if you believe this article to be outdated, please send an email to and let us know.

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