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How Do I Take My Haiku Classes With Me?

When leaving Menlo, you can take your Haiku class(es) by following these instructions:

You will need a non-Menlo Gmail account to create a PowerSchool Learning Solo Teacher Account. A PowerSchool Learning "Solo Teacher" account just means that you are not affiliated with a school. The "Solo Teacher" account has some limited features, but you will have access to all of your class content once you share the class(es) and share any Google documents with your new Gmail account. 

1. Go to and click Sign up with your non-Menlo Google Account. In this example, we will use


2. Click Allow to let access the listed features of your Google account.


3. You will be taken to your new PowerSchool Learning Solo Teacher Account.


4. The next steps follow the instructions at PowerSchool Learning Support in the article, "How do I share content with other teachers?" You will use a Menlo Haiku account to share your class with your Solo Teacher Haiku account. 

5. Log in with a Menlo Haiku account at To share a Class: Go to the class you wish to share, click on the Manage Class drop-down menu and select Share Class. 


6. You can choose to Share by Invitation. Select Invitation to share your class content with others (or even yourself!).

7. Click on Share. You can then select whether you'd like to email the link, or copy the link yourself and post it anywhere (Twitter, a new browser window, etc.). In this example, we will email the link to the non-Menlo Gmail account connected with the Solo Teacher Haiku account.

8. Open your non-Menlo email account.

9. Click on the message.

10. Open the link to your Haiku shared class.

11. Click on login.

12. Log in to your non-Menlo Haiku account.

13. Select a New Class.

14. Click Continue.

15. It will take a few minutes for the content to import. Click on refresh this page. When the import is complete, your course is installed.

16. If your class contains Google documents, you will need to transfer ownership of them to your new Google Account. Then you can view/edit them in your new account.


If you have further questions, or if you believe this article to be outdated, please send an email to and let us know.

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