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How Do I Setup Menlo Gmail on My iOS Device?

Enable IMAP

You may need to enable IMAP in your Google account. Go to a computer and browser and log in to your Google account. Go to: the gear icon > Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Under IMAP Access, make sure it is enabled. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.


Add Account

1. On your iOS device (iPad or iPhone), go to Settings.


2. Tap on Accounts & Passwords and tap the Add Account button.


3. Tap Google.


4. In the Account window, enter your Menlo School Email address (students must enter Then tap NEXT.


5. Enter your password. Then tap NEXT.


6. Your screen will return to the Settings window. Here you may choose to turn on your Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Notes. In this example, Notes was not turned on.  Tap Save to finish adding the account.  


7.Press the Home button to return to your iPad/iPhone homescreen. Now, open the Mail app.


8. In Mail, you will see your Menlo Gmail account has been added to your Mailboxes list. 



You have finished setting up Menlo Gmail on your iOS device.

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