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How Do I Invite Students to Self Enroll?

In case you want to enroll students yourself, refer to this document. Otherwise, continue to read this one. 


Note: You must activate your class for students to be able to self enroll. If you have multiple sections, first you need to create the sections in your roster and then generate a unique enrollment code for each section.


1. Under Manage Class, select Roster:


2. Select Manage Roster

3. Select Create Open Invitation


4. Set an invitation deadline, make sure Create a code for me is selected, and then click Create Open Invitation.

5. The open invitation will create an enrollment code and link it with your course’s URL. Click the email invitation button and email it to just yourself first and then forward that email to your students. Another option is to write the URL and code on the board in your classroom and ask your students to manually enter the URL and code into a browser.

6. If you have multiple sections in one Haiku course, Haiku will generate unique codes for your section. They will then be enrolled in the appropriate section. You may email the URL and unique code to your students (being sure to email the correct code to the correct section). Or, and this is what we recommend, write the URL on your board along with the code for each section as you meet with them.

Note that there is one URL for the course and then unique codes for each section.

7. To make it easier for students, shorten your class URL using to keep things in Google world or  which lets you customize the URL.

Example: becomes

If you would like more help, or if you believe this article to be outdated, please send an email to Tech Ticket and let us know.

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