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How Do I Enroll Students in My Haiku Course?

Note: Before adding students you should create sections/blocks/periods

If you want your students to enroll themselves instead, follow these instructions


1. In order to add users to your class, go to your class Roster.

2. Click on the Manage Class button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Then click on Edit Roster.


3. Click Add Student:

4. In the next window, enter either the first or last name of a student (which ever is more unique) and click search. You may filter down the results if there are too many.

5. Choose the correct student from the list and click Add.

6. When the student has been properly enrolled a green check mark will appear next to the student's name in the search results window.

7. When you have enrolled all of your students click back to the roster or close this window.



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