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What Are the Laptop Cart Guidelines?


1. Reserve your cart (s) as early as possible. Some people book their carts weeks in advance. If you need to reserve more than one laptop cart at a time (or all of them), please email and include the details in your message.

2. You may reserve equipment up to 7 hours before your class time begins. If you must book equipment within 7 hours, please email  and include the details in your message.

3. Before you go to pick up your laptop cart, please check Calcium to see if anyone else has booked the cart since the last time you checked.

4. It is the responsibility of the teacher to go and pick up the cart from the previous teacher. If you decide not to use the cart, please update Calcium so that the next teacher knows to go to the carts homebase and not your classroom to pick up the cart.

5. Connect the cart to power while it is in your classroom. Give the laptops every chance to be charging for subsequent classes.

6. Give your students enough time at the end of the class to save their work and send it to themselves or to their drive. Direct them to return the laptops to the proper corresponding shelf (e.g., Laptop #1 on Shelf #1, etc.) and finally connect them to power. Be aware of the time and alert your students as needed.

7. If one or more students absolutely NEED to hang on to a laptop, please indicate that on the sign-out sheet on the top of the cart. And make sure you have a plan with the students to get the laptops back safely. Be careful with this option however, the next teacher may be counting on all 20 laptops.

8. If you have the cart at the end of the day, please return it to its home base and connect it to power. Check that all of the laptops are charging on both sides of the cart. You save us lots of work when you make this final effort.

* If you are unable to log in, please contact (x2581) in the Tech Dept. to update or reset your Calcium password. 

If you have further questions, or if you believe this article to be outdated, please send an email to Tech Ticket and let us know.

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