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I'm Leaving, How Can I Use Google Takeout to Keep My Files?

***We recommend starting this process prior to your last day, as it can take multiple days to complete.***

***You MUST have something (An External Hard Drive or a USB stick, for example) to take your data with you.***

You can export and download your data from the Google products you use, like your email, calendar, and photos. In a few steps, create an archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service. For more details, see Menlo School's Google Takeout Advice.

First, choose which products to include

  1. Navigate to Google's Download your data page.
  2. Sign in with your Google Account.
  3. Choose which Google products to include in your download. To see more details and options for a product, select the Down arrow Down Arrow. Below is an example of an account with only three Google products checked.:
  4. Scroll down and click "Next"
  5. Choose your archive's "File type." Select .zip.

Next, choose how your archive is delivered

  1. Select Send download link via email under "Delivery Method." For other delivery options, see Google's Takeout Instructions.
  2. Click "Create Archive." Depending on how large your drive and email box are, this could take quite a long time to finish, up to a couple of days.
  3. When you get a note that your archive is ready, download it within the next few days. Confirm that all your files are there.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Why didn't my archive work? If something goes wrong with your archive, try creating another one. This approach often fixes the problem. Online articles say that you should try multiple times to create an archive.

Where are all the files that were shared with me? Google Takeout does not export files that are owned by someone else. You must create a copy of those files prior to Takeout.

Why do my archives expire? Your archives expire in about 7 days. After that time, you'll want to create new archives with your most up-to-date information. An expired archive doesn't mean your data has expired, and you won't experience any change in Google services as a result.


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