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How Do I Check Out an Ebook?

To check out an ebook:

Go to the library website:

Click the Ebook Collection (Overdrive) tab


Use the drop-down menu to select Menlo School


Enter your library card number. If you don’t know your number, contact any of the library staff.

Browse the collection using the links on the page, or use the search box to look for a particular title or author.

Click on the image of the book you want to check out.

Click the blue “Borrow” button. A window with your selection will pop up. Click “Go to checkouts.”


On the checkouts page, you can select how you would like to read your book.


  1. Read now with Kindle: if you choose this method you will need to set up an Amazon account and download the free Kindle app. Once that is done your book will appear in the app. This file can only be used in the Kindle app. 
  1. Download ePub ebook: there are a number of e-readers that can use this file, including iBooks. 
  1. Read in your browser: this is perhaps the easiest method. The book will appear as a new tab or window in your browser. Use the controls on the right side of the window to download the book so you can read it offline. Don’t forget to bookmark the link so you can find the book again after you close your browser.




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