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Why Do Videos Stutter When Using Apple TV’s AirPlay With My Laptop?

iPhones and iPads can use AirPlay to smoothly stream music and videos to your TV or projector. To smoothly stream from your laptop, you must use the classroom’s A/V cables (NOT AirPlay).

Using AirPlay on an Apple Laptop

AirPlay from an Apple laptop is perfect for displaying anything except video.  Applications such as Powerpoint, Keynote, Word, Pages, Excel, Google Docs - all display perfectly via AirPlay on Apple laptops.

Media like Youtube, DVD Player, Quicktime, and VLC have trouble.  The computer can't send the video fast enough to the TV wirelessly, and the stream ends up looking very choppy.  For these types of presentations, we recommend you use the provided audio/video cables and avoid AirPlay.

Using AirPlay on an iPhone/iPad

iPhones and iPads excel at displaying audio/video on the Apple TVs with AirPlay.  This is mostly due to your iPad/iPhone telling the Apple TV to download the video itself, instead of your device doing the heavy lifting.

We recommend using your iPhone or iPad rather than your laptop when you want to show streaming media such as YouTube, iTunes Video, or similar streaming sites.


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