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How Do I Connect to the A/V System in Martin Hall?

 The touchscreen podium control panel will have the Menlo School logo, indicating that system is ready.

  1. Press the screen to start.
  2. Listen for clicking sound. If you didn’t hear it click, then press again harder.
    • You will see System On appear on the screen.
    • Press System On.
  3. After you hear the click, you will see:
    • Projector lights up
      (see the photo taken from center stage)
    • Podium screen shows Ready
    • Mic turns on. Tapping a live mic makes a thump sound.


How Do I Turn Off Everything?

*Please turn off everything when you leave* (Projector will break if we don’t turn it off.)

  1. On the control panel, press System Power.

  2. On the next screen, press System Off.

  3. There is no need to wait during the power off countdown. The projector will start powering down.


If you are having trouble, contact the Technology Department
at (650) 330-2001 ext.2584 or at




If there is no picture from a laptop

  • Check user laptop issues such as a loose laptop cable connection, or display mirroring.
  • Try switching to the Apple TV. If the Apple TV shows up after about a minute, then the Martin Hall projector is OK.
  • If Apple TV does not show up, then the system connections must be powered off and powered on again.

If there is no sound from a laptop

  • Confirm that the VGA cable adapter audio feed is plugged into the laptop.
  • Try using HDMI cable instead. It is in the drawer if not on top of the podium.
  • Check that the volume is turned up on the podium and on the laptop.

Podium not working? Use the booth!
If the booth is locked, call Campus Security at ext.1122 to unlock it.


PLAN A:  On the booth control panel, select your Video Source. For the Podium Laptop input, select the down arrow and choose the Podium Laptop.


PLAN B: If the projector system is not working at all and you have 45 minutes of lead time, phone Facilities at ext.2560 and ask for a TV cart.


If you have further questions, or if you believe this article to be outdated, please send an email to Tech Support and let us know.

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