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How Do I Connect My Laptop to a Projector?

Most classrooms and conference rooms at Menlo have some kind of projection system that allows a presenter to display their computer on a larger display system.

In most of our classrooms, we have a projection control panel similar to this.

Power it on.

The green light will flash while the system is warming up and will stay a solid green when it is ready.

Choose the button labeled Laptop or Computer 1 (or in some cases try Computer 2).


From the panel will be a VGA cable which looks like the black cable here. You will need to connect a mini Display port to VGA adapter which looks like the white adapter here.

Most of our classrooms have a VGA adapter assigned to them. If yours is missing, please check with other teachers who share your room, sometimes guest speakers walk off with them.

If the VGA cable and adapter are not already connected, connect them.


Connect the adapter to the mini display port on your laptop.


Open your laptop, and see if it automatically begins to display.

6. If not, or the image looks distorted, go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Displays


Quick fixes for common problems:

- Reseat the cables (See Steps 3 & 4).

- Check Display settings (See Step 6).

- On the projection control panel (see Step 2), choose a different source (e.g. Computer 2) for a moment and then go back to the desired source.

- Restart your computer.

If you are having trouble, or you believe this article to be outdated, please send an email to and let us know.

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