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How Do I Back Up My Laptop Using Time Machine?

The Tech Department issues each teacher an external hard drive and configures their laptop to backup to that drive using backup software called Time Machine. 

1. If you do not see the Time Machine icon in your menu bar, Go the Apple Menu > System Preferences and click on Time Machine. 

2. Make sure Time Machine is turned On and then click on Select Disk...


3. From the list of Available Disks, choose the drive in yellow (or sometimes green but in the Available Disks list) and click on Use Disk.

4. You should now see the Time Machine icon in your Menu Bar. Click on the Time Machine icon and choose Back Up Now from the menu.

 - If this is the first time you have ever backed up or the first time in a long time or after a major OS upgrade, Time Machine will back up your entire hard drive including applications, documents, movies, music, everything. This could take several hours but you can continue to use your laptop.

 - After an initial backup, it will back up only what has been changed or added since the last back up and performs this much more quickly.

 - Plan to connect your drive and run Time Machine as frequently as possible, but at least weekly. Schedule a repeating event on your calendar to help you remember to do this.

For additional info or support, please visit Apple's Time Machine Support Page.

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