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Running a Skype Session in Your Classroom

Test App and Equipment the Week Before

Reserve AV Planning and support via

Plan to test your Skype (is your software version current?) a week in advance or at the very least 24 hours.

If you can’t get your guest speaker to practice with you, ask someone else on campus to practice.

Share your Skype username with the Guest Speaker (and request theirs) prior to the date so that contact permissions can be granted.

Arrange Your Classroom the Day Before

Have students sit together within the shot of the webcam. Have them sit in a wedge shape with the point nearest the laptop and the base at the back of the room. Or have kids sit on the tables in the back while the kids in front sit on chairs.



Coach the students that even a little bit of rustling and fidgeting is distracting

Determine beforehand when, if and how the speaker will take questions


Laptop with Skype on it (Download here). Move your files and folders off of the desktop and restart the laptop.

Longer HDMI cable (at least 6’) to connect directly to the TV

HDMI to a minidisplayport adapter

Unidirectional Speaker - Jabra


Podium or base for the laptop if using the built-in webcam within 6 feet of the TV.

Table for Podium

External Speakers (Most classrooms have built-in speakers, Jabra has a speaker in it as well as a mic)

Power Adapter

Longer Ethernet Cable (10+ feet)

Thunderbolt or USB - Ethernet adapter


Surge Protector

Web Cam

Tripod for Webcam

Place the laptop on a podium. Connect the power adapter so it doesn’t go to sleep during the Skype session.


Connect the HDMI Cable with the Mini DisplayPort adapter to the Mini DisplayPort on the laptop. Connect  the Jabra to the USB port on the laptop.


Connect the other end of the HDMI Cable to the back of the TV. The extra port is on the left as you face the TV.


It’s okay to gently pull the bottom of the TV out about 5 inches.


Configure your laptop’s sound settings:


Open the System Preferences Panel and click on the Sound tab.


Click on the Output Tab and choose SHARP HDMI.

Then click on the Input tab and choose Jabra SPEAK 410 USB.


Test the volume. You may need to adjust the volume on the laptop and/or on the TV using the remote.

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