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How Do I Add to the Sharp Copier Address Book?

1. On the main menu, select "Scan to Email." If it is not on the main menu, press the Home button on the side of the panel.

2. Select "Address Book." 

3. Select "Register/Edit Address."  

4. Select "Add New" and then enter your name and click "OK."

5. Click Enter Address Directly. In the next screen enter the email address. Then click OK. 

6. Check to select "Set as default used" and then select "Add Address Below." 

7. Select "Finish Direct Input."

8. Select "End Registration."

You have now added a name to the Sharp Copier Address Book. Press the Home button to return to the main page.

If you have further questions, or if you believe this article to be outdated, please send an email to Tech Ticket and let us know.

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