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How Do I Add a Networked Printer? (Windows)

iPad or iPhone, see How Do I Use AirPrint?  

Mac laptops, see  How Do I Use AirPrint?  or How Do I Add a Networked Printer? (Mac)


These instructions are for Windows 10 laptops.

On Windows, printers must be added using their IP address or name. This information is usually on a sticker attached to the front of the printer. An IP address is a number in the format "172.30.x.x". A network name is a name (usually the name of the room the printer is located in), followed by the letters "PRI". In CADC room 206, for example, the printer is named "CA206-PRI". 



1) Make sure you are connected to the Menlo School Wi-Fi network. On your windows computer, press the "Start" button on the lower left, 1start.png then click "Settings." 2settings-.png Once the settings window opens, click "Devices," then click "Add a printer or scanner".



2) The computer will search for network printers for a while, then a blue link will appear that says "The printer that I want isn't listed." Click this link. 2Print_Window.pngIn the dialog that opens, select "Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname", then click "Next."

3) On this screen, enter the name or IP address of the printer into the input for "Hostname or IP address." For this example, we used CA206-PRI. Leave the device type as "Autodetect", and don't change the default port name. Check the box that says "Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use".


4) Once the screen that says "Type a printer name" appears, pick a name for the printer and click "Next". (Pick a name that will remind you of where the printer is located.)


5) On the "Printer Sharing" screen, check "Do not share this printer" and click "Next".


6) When you see "You've successfully added…", you can click "Finish."


You can now select this printer from the menu in the print dialog box.


If you have questions or need additional help, contact Tech support at, or call us at extension 2584.

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