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How Do I Speed Up My Laptop?

Has your laptop been slowing down more and more each day?

Take these quick and easy steps to improve performance.


1.  Close unused apps

View your open apps by holding the command key and tapping the tab key. When you reach an app you want to switch to – then let go.



Quit unused apps by switching your finger from the tab key to the Q key (while not releasing the Command key).

Run no more than 3 to 5 apps at one time.


2. Clear space on your laptop’s hard drive

  1. Empty your trash.
  2. Delete unwanted files in the Downloads folder.
  3. Use the Finder to search for large or unwanted files.
  4. Move desktop files to the Documents folder.
  5. Find and delete the largest disposable files and folders
  6. Move large valuable files to folders on Google Drive.

To see to learn how to free up more storage space on your Mac, see here.


3. Restart your Computer (Do. It.)




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