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What’s the Fastest Way to Reset My Haiku Course?

What’s the Fastest Way to Reset My Haiku Course?

This is the fastest method to reuse all of your class content without keeping an archive of a past class' work. If you wish to save an archive of your students' work or of the year, follow the steps at How Do I Close My Haiku Class, And Create a New One?

1. Make your Class Inactive

Once you are finished teaching a class you should make the class inactive.  Doing this will prevent students from accessing the class, but all of the class data will still be available to you.  To do this choose Make Inactive from the Manage Class menu.  


As the teacher, you can access your inactive class by clicking on the Inactive tab on your My Classes screen.  You can also reactivate a class at any time.


2. Clear the Roster:

Go To Manage Class > Edit Roster > Manage Roster > Clear Roster.



Then close the Roster Window.

3. Update the Class Settings

Go Back to Manage Class > Class Settings




Class Name should follow this format: Name of Course - Name of Instructor - Academic Year

The Name of the course should be as it appears in Course Catalog, Name of Instructor should be Your Last Name and Academic Year Should be 2018-19 or 2018-2019.

Skip Class Code - we do not currently use this field.

The Class URL can be much more shortened and abbreviated than the Class Name. You do not need to indicate the year.

Be sure to choose Middle or Upper School for Organization. We do not use Import ID

Do not indicate a year

Do NOT allow user nicknames

Make the class visible to All People in Menlo School (Organization).

Don’t send notifications…

And if your Haiku Site is NOT for an academic class, click List This Class Under Extras.

then click Save.

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